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We are Combat Pest Solutions. We provide a range of commercial and residential pest control services to both businesses and individuals. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and the way we work.

Our Founder/Owner

Our founder and owner, Warren Taylor, established Combat Pest Solutions to meet a proven need for reliable, professional pest control services. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Warren possesses a unique understanding of the range of modern solutions that exist to tackle pests of all forms in varied buildings and environments.

Combat Pest Solutions is built around Warren’s belief that an effective professional service stems from effective communication with the client.

What You Can Expect From Us

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small pest problem needing a one-off call-out service, or whether you require a regular service contract for your commercial premises, when you choose to work with us you can be confident of receiving a first-class service.

We’re able to tackle every common pest found in UK homes, and in premises such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, warehouses, and many more. We also work with a range of clients – from homeowners, through to national businesses or organisations, and local authorities.

Learn more about the services we offer to our residential and commercial clients.

Our aim is to deliver a full pest control solution, designed to cover your needs every step of the way. That includes providing site inspections and reports, planning service agreements tailored to the unique needs of the businesses we work with, effectively eradicating or preventing pest problems, and offering licensed waste carrier clearance services to remove loft insulation, the ‘after-effects’ of an infestation, and many other kinds of household waste.

Deploying Modern Technologies

Many pests are experts at hiding from the experts! Rodents have a habit of living in inaccessible areas such as wall cavities, or beneath floors. In the past, invasive and destructive methods were regularly required to clear larger infestations. Now, thanks to the power of modern technologies, we can survey even the most awkward of sites.

Using advanced solutions such as thermal imaging, motion sensors, and drain surveys, we’re able to assess the full extent of a pest problem – wherever and whenever it occurs.

Humane Pest Control Services

As well as a traditional range of insecticides, rodenticides, and traps, we also meet the demand for a humane pest control company, by offering solutions such as capture and release trapping. And, we advise on common-sense preventative pest control measures – aimed at avoiding a problem before it occurs.

Humane solutions are especially significant in relation to bird control, an area subject to stringent laws. Our effective but legally compliant solutions are designed to inhibit perching, or to modify the flight paths and behaviours of birds to avoid conflict with people and property damage.


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