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Ants are some of our smallest insects and yet they can become some of our biggest problem pests. While they prefer warmer climates, it’s not unusual to find both black and garden ants in our homes and yards. Large ant colonies can become a nuisance even if they don’t carry diseases.

Ants will travel far and wide in pursuit of food, making them a problem for both homeowners and businesses. You don’t know what they’re bringing indoors after foraging outside but you certainly don’t want them in your kitchen or canteen! Signs of ant presence include mounds of soil at the base of exterior and interior walls or around small holes in the ground.

Ants in House or Garden?

If you’re seeing evidence of ants in your house or the garden, some action can be taken to control them before they become a serious pest.

  • Always keep food covered, sealed in a cupboared where ants aren’t able to reach it.
  • Ants are attracted to sweetness so clean up any spills or sticky remains on kitchen countertops, worktops and other surfaces.
  • Observe their movements and identify the ants’ entry point before sealing it to prevent them from coming into your house.

If the above steps don’t bring the problem under control, call on our technicians who are skilled in both residential and commercial pest control. Our team of experts uses a range of effective, professional and proven techniques to eradicate ants, quickly and safely.

Signs of an Ant Problem?

Find out how to recognize the signs of an ant problem in your house or office.

Stay Ant Free

Read here for some handy tips for keeping your property ant-free.

Get Rid of Ants

Practical advice homeowners and businesses can use to get rid of ants.

Species and Guides

With over thousands of ant species found worldwide, the black garden ant is the most common on present in the UK. Measuring 0.5c, and completely black, this ant is resilient to cooler, damp climates and thrives in nutrient-rich soil.

Other varieties such as the small red ant and Pharoah ant are active during the daytime and are found in the warmer spots such as in heated buildings. Other tropical ant species that prefer warmer areas are the Roger’s and Ghost ant and can be found in the UK if the environment is suitable for them.

Crawling Insects

Not all crawling insects are considered a pest.


Dealing With Ant Infestations 

While over-the-counter insecticides have limited effectiveness in controlling ants, using them can be hazardous if precautions aren’t put into place.

Our team of professionals pest control technicians at Combat Pest Solutions will visit your location at a time that’s convenient for you. They’ll assess the extent of the pest infestation and use powerful, effective products to control the ant problem quickly while keeping you, your family and pets safe. The treatment is sufficient to control the infestation to the first time around. Our technicians will also advise on practical preventative methods to ensure there isn’t a recurrence of the problem.

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Dealing With Ant Infestations 

Health and safety regulations require all businesses to provide a hygienic workplace for their employees. This means keeping all food and water ant-free. Let Combat Pest Solutions manage your pest infestations, fast and safely!



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