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Ants are among the smallest, but most troublesome, of insect pests. Fortunately, at Combat Pest Solutions, we’re experienced in both residential and commercial pest control, and our technicians have a range of effective, professional, and proven techniques to deal with ants quickly and safely.

How to Recognise an Ant Problem

The commonest form of ant to invade UK homes and premises is the black garden ant. These insects aren’t confined to our island, but live across every continent of the world apart from Antarctica. They can easily be recognised by their size (approximately 0.5cms or 1/5 inch) and pure black colour. Other varieties include red ants (which have an irritating sting) and Pharaoh ants. Though small, ants are typically an easy pest to spot. They are active during the daylight hours and commonly follow established foraging routes – laying down pheromone trails to encourage other ants to follow as they seek out new sources of food. This habit often creates problems, because if a single ant in0 vades a building and finds a food source, many, many more can follow in its footsteps! (A nest can contain upwards of 1 million ants – meaning that these small creatures can add up to a big problem!)

The nests are easily identified – these take the form of small mounds of very fine, dusty earth, and the ants themselves are often visible either on or around the nest, as they set out or return from foraging activities. The nests can be a problem, especially if built in garden lawns. Ants also commonly build nests beneath patio paving slabs, and in some cases may even invade voids beneath floors.

Owing to their small size, ants can be a challenging pest to exclude from buildings. Preventative pest control solutions for ants may include sealing small access points, but often the most effective ‘self-help’ measure is to remove or cover food sources, and ensure that bins are kept closed and emptied regularly.

Pest Control Call-Out Services

Over-the-counter products can have limited effectiveness when it comes to ant control, and many people are understandably cautious about using these insecticides themselves.

At Combat Pest Solutions, our professional pest control technicians are able to visit you at a convenient time, assess the nature and extent of the infestation, and use a more powerful, effective product that will often completely cure the problem with just one treatment. We’re also happy to recommend practical preventative ant control measures to avoid a recurrence in the future.

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