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It’s easy to think of bed bugs as a pest from the distant past, yet the truth is that these parasitic insects are surging in numbers. Like many pest control companies, we’re seeing a sharp rise in cases of homes being invaded by these pests right throughout our local service area of Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and northern Hampshire.

And, while residential bed bug infestations can be disturbing, the consequences for a business such as a hotel, B‘n’B, or hostel can be devastating. This guide is designed to help you to identify the problem, and to understand the ways that our professional pest control technicians can eradicate these unsavoury parasites.

How to Recognise a Bed Bug Problem

Like most parasitic insects, bed bugs are stealthy in nature. They feed exclusively on blood, and their survival depends on their ability to attack a host, drink their fill, and move away unnoticed!

That’s not to say that it’s impossible to recognise a bed bug infestation – the problem can often be spotted by looking for tell-tale signs including the insect’s black faeces, or the discarded shells that are shed as the bed bugs progress through their growth cycles. Blood stains may also be noticed on bedding, while the insect’s bites may be visible on the skin.

Occasionally, a live bed bug may be seen. They are wingless, flightless insects, with a rusty brown colour, reaching up to 0.5cms/0.2 inches long. Their tiny white eggs may also be noticed in cracks, or in the corners or joints of the bed frame.



Residential Insect Control

Among the many insect pests we treat, bed bugs are especially distressing, owing to their habit of feeding directly on the people whose homes they invade! Unfortunately, these resilient insects can also lie dormant for long periods, and can last over 12 months between feeding. All of this makes many common bed bug treatments ineffective.

Shop bought ‘solutions’ simply lack the strength to effectively eradicate bed bugs. They may kill some bugs which come into contact with the insecticide soon after application, but they often lack residual strength and can lose their potency quickly. Given the resilience of bed bugs, and the fact that a single female can lay hundreds of eggs per month, these products are rarely able to resolve the problem completely.

Professional solutions such as heat treatment and residual spraying (using higher-quality, professional-grade products) have a much higher success rate. Our bed bug call-out service means that we can come to your home or business quickly, perform a thorough survey of the affected area, and carry out the professional bed bug treatment that’s best suited to your unique circumstances.

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