At Combat Pest Solutions we offer a range of bird control services to both residential and commercial clients in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and Hampshire.

Humane Bird Control

Wild birds, nests, and eggs are all given a special measure of protection in law. You can rest assured that we’re familiar with this legislation and work in full-accordance with the law at all times. Our solutions are based around restricting the bird’s ability to access your property – and not killing, trapping, or harming the birds or their young.

Our professional pest control technicians have range of bird deterrents available, and all the training and expertise needed to fit these to your property. Contact us today to enquire about our services or to book a call-out:

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Our Solutions Include:

1) Pin and Wire
Sprung wires offer a simple, exceptionally discreet way to prevent birds from settling.

2) Netting
Fine-gauge, discreet but strong netting can be used to prevent birds entering parts of your property. This solution is long-lasting and effective.

3) Spikes
Metal spikes can be affixed to ledges or the apex of a rooftop to prevent birds perching on these points.

4) Optical Gel
An innovative solution to an old problem! Optical gels are brightly visible to birds (which can see UV light) and simulate the appearance of fire. An effective and extremely discreet way to prevent perching!

5) Bird of Prey Pest Control
Nature’s own bird control solution! We can arrange for a bird of prey to be flown around your property in order to repel other birds from turning your home or premises into their territory!

How We Work

Bird control is among the more challenging of pest control services – largely owing to the difficulty of accessing perching sites. To ensure legal compliance, our technicians have completed International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) training, allowing us to work with powered access machines such as mobile aerial platforms. In challenging circumstances where a mobile platform can’t be used, we can abseil into position in order to deploy a bird control solution.

Our 24/7 service means that we can conduct the work at a time that fits in best with your home life or business operations and leads to minimum disruption. Naturally, you can count on our professionals to be polite, respectful, and careful in the way they conduct their work at all times.

Leaving a bird problem unchecked isn’t a viable solution for home or business owners serious about looking after their property – or their professional reputation. You can learn more about the problems birds can cause here.

Clean Up Services

Anyone who’s shared their home or business premises with birds will know all too well that these pests can be messy! Bird guano is unsightly, corrosive, and deeply unhygienic, but our experts can help clear up the mess that avian visitors like to leave behind! We’ll also disinfect contaminated surfaces to prevent the spread of disease.

Naturally, all waste that’s removed will be disposed of in a legal and environmentally responsible manner. Learn more about our waste removal services.


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