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There are few insect pests with a worse reputation than the cockroach. These deeply unsavoury invaders are increasing in numbers, and we’re seeing a sharp rise in demand for cockroach pest control services in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and northern Hampshire.

How to Recognise a Cockroach Problem

The most common types of cockroaches in Berkshire and nearby counties are the German and the Oriental cockroach. The German cockroach prefers a moist environment, and is most likely to infest a room such as kitchen or bathroom, while the Oriental cockroach is equally tolerant of cool, dry conditions and can survive in a diverse range of habitats. The Oriental cockroach is the larger of the two species, sometimes reaching over an inch (2.5cms) in length, and is also darker brown in colour than the German variety.

As a shy, nocturnal pest, cockroaches can be difficult to spot. This can result in an infestation becoming severe before the problem is noticed by the owner of the home or business affected. If you suspect a problem, but haven’t seen the pests themselves, there are a number of clues that can indicate their presence.

You may well see signs of feeding – cockroaches are voracious eaters and will consume almost anything, from cardboard boxes, to stored books, letters, and paperwork, even plastics! They’re not averse to tucking into more regular foods, and will often seek out scraps in bins.

Other signs include droppings – which may resemble peppercorns in both size and colour, egg cases – which are small and oval in shape, and shed skins – abandoned as the cockroach develops through each phase of its lifecycle. Sometimes their distinctive musty odour is the give away.


Local Pest Control for Cockroaches

If you’ve identified the signs of a cockroach infestation, then it’s important to act quickly. These insects are notoriously resistant to germs, and this makes them the perfect carrier species for bugs like salmonella that can lead to food poisoning in humans. Their tendency to forage constantly means that they’ll often move between unsanitary areas, such as crevices around toilets, directly onto food or food prep surfaces.

Unfortunately, the extreme resilience of these pests means that many DIY products simply don’t address the full extent of the infestation (which can often be substantial and entrenched by the time it’s spotted). Professional cockroach treatments have a much higher efficacy than those commonly available to the public. Common professional treatments include residual insecticides, bait gels, and heat treatments.

An on-site survey by a professional pest control technician is the only way to assess the true extent of the problem and set out the most appropriate course of action. .

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