Pest control in your new home is often overlooked, but should it be? Prudence is the name of the game for true peace of mind regarding your purchase or your move to somewhere new.

If you’re keen to save time and money down the road, then preventative new home pest control measures will save costs and a whole load of inconvenience later.

Moving is stressful enough, so having one less headache counts for something. Reliable and experienced pest control companies will be able to assess and advise you in your particular situation. Staying within your budget is something reputable companies are proud to achieve. 

New Home Pest Control Checklist

In the case of an already built home that you are purchasing, having a pest control check before you close the deal could prevent expense and inconvenience later. In some areas, realtors are required to inspect pest issues before putting a home on the market, but there are a few things you should check on before trusting that someone else has done it all.

Common Pests to Look Out For

While somewhat dependent on area and proximity to open land, here is a list of the common pest control issues:

  • Rodents – of many and various types, they are extremely destructive. They chew through just about anything and are responsible for a lot of structural damage. Experts will recognize signs of rodent infestation even if the house is empty.
  • Birds – more common than you think, build nests in vents, unused chimneys, gutters, and even cracks in the building. Besides structural damage to existing or new homes, pest control measures will be essential. Birds contaminate the water and air systems in a home. Not only can bords spread dangerous diseases, but they also attract other pests who latch onto them and make their way into your house.
  • Ants – termites, you name it, are likely the most common pest when in large numbers. Often almost invisible, termites are extremely destructive. They chew away at woodwork and the wiring causing problems that require a lot of trouble to rectify as they are often discovered way after much destruction has already been caused.
    • Moths – most people don’t think of a new home needing pest control for moths, which are often deemed harmless or mistaken for butterflies. Especially if your new dwelling is an already furnished home, moths may have already laid eggs, which they do at a rate of about 50 per day for 21 days if undisturbed. The resulting larvae feed on fabric and animal fibres. They may under carpets, in the drapes, under the furniture, and already in the cupboards where you will put your clothing.
  • Bed Bugs – worth getting all the help you can to make sure your new home receives pest control for these ghastly little critters. While they do not spread disease, their favourite home is, of course, bed mattresses. They cause humans allergic reactions from bites, itching swelling, and pain at bite sites. 

Pest Control Checks when Building a New Home

Pests make entry into homes being built due to the neighbourhood or environment in which the construction is taking place. New homes are built out in the environment, not in sanitary factory conditions.  Pests are opportunistic and somewhere new to call home is ideal for them.  Many pests move in long before you do and find suitable hiding places. They often remain unnoticed for a long time.

Having a new home pest control inspection as close to your intended move will give you the peace of mind you need to settle in and enjoy your new acquisition. Specialists are not awed by what we see in a new dwelling. Their trained eye looks for the gaps, the possible shortcuts that the builders took in places like the outbuildings and the garages where problems often start.

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