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Fleas are a deeply unpleasant parasitic pest that affect many households, particularly those with pets – though this is not exclusively the case. Fleas may also affect businesses such as hotels, hostels, and guest houses.

Rest assured, here at Combat Pest Solutions our experts are fully prepared to deliver a pest control solution for fleas affecting residential or commercial clients in the areas we serve – Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and throughout large areas of northern Hampshire. (Why not check whether we can reach you on our about page?)

How to Tell if You Have Fleas

If you have pets, it is extremely likely that they will, at some stage, introduce fleas into your home. (While vet-prescribed flea treatments provide a good measure of protection for pets, they rarely deliver 100% protection, 100% of the time.) If you notice your cat or dog scratching persistently, this could well indicate that fleas have made your home into their home!

That said, many people make the mistake of believing that only homes with pets are affected. This is by no means the case, especially since fleas can lie dormant for as long as 24 months without feeding. Because of this, fleas can easily be ‘inherited’ when moving into a new home, and can even be transferred if carpeting, bedding, or furniture is moved between one property and another.



Many people are first aware of needing a pest control service for fleas when they themselves are bitten. Fleas are every bit as happy to feed on us humans as on animals, and their bites may cause localised irritation, coming up in a small raised bump that may turn pink and itchy – especially if scratched!

Occasionally, those with sharp eyes may see the fleas themselves – the insects are under 0.5cms/0.2 inches in length, dark in colour, and have a habit of jumping huge distances compared to their small body size!

Our Local Pest Control Call-Out Service

Having recognised a flea infestation, it’s wise to act quickly before the issue has the chance to escalate. Proprietary, shop-bought products are often effective against mature fleas, but lack the residual strength needed to protect against eggs and larvae that can simply emerge later to re-infest the property. Fortunately, our professional pest control technicians can come out to your home or business anywhere in our service area of Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and northern Hampshire, and assess your situation thoroughly.

We’ll discuss options such as more powerful, professional-grade residual sprays and provide an honest professional opinion on whether a single treatment is likely to fully resolve the situation. We can also recommend simple, preventative measures such as using a vet-prescribed flea treatment for cats or dogs, to avoid further fleas being introduced into the property in the future.

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