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As known carriers of disease, flies are a particularly unpleasant pest to live with, and can be exceptionally damaging to the reputations of businesses. Looking beyond their own impact, flies can also provide a clue to an underlying problem such as a dead animal being present in a loft or cavity, or a problem with drains.

At Combat Pest Solutions, our professional pest control technicians have all the experience needed to put in place effective fly control measures, and investigate any underlying issues, by assessing the state of drains, or identifying a rodent or bird problem that may have led to a carcass being present.

How to Recognise a Fly Problem

Flies are visible pests and are typically noticeable enough, especially if they converge in significant numbers. While there are thousands of species of fly present in the UK, a handful are especially troublesome and likely to create significant problems…

These species include the house fly – probably the most frequently seen fly of all, and one which is easily attracted to food in kitchens, or scraps left in unsealed bins. Another famous unwanted guest is the fruit fly – which is often attracted to fruits, especially overly ripe, fermenting fruits. These flies are also drawn by the smell of alcohol and can be an issue in public houses or other licensed premises.

The moth fly is a furry fly of small size, and is known more correctly as the sewage fly – a name that reflects its unpleasant habit of living in stagnant water – occasionally water enriched by sewage, which provides a ready source of nutrition.


Fly Pest Solutions

Cluster flies, meanwhile, are famous for their habit of forming potentially huge swarms while hibernating in locations such as lofts or heated outbuildings during the colder seasons. The sheer numbers involved can be highly distressing to those whose homes or premises are invaded.

Finally, the green and blue bottle flies are easily recognised by their glossy, glass-like sheen, and relatively large size. These species are often drawn to dead animals – and their presence in significant numbers can sometimes be a sign that an animal such as a mouse, rat, or bird has died near to the affected area.

Our Local Pest Control Call-Out Services

Professional fly control services such as our own have a far higher rate of success than the DIY application of shop bought products, not least because it’s critical that the species and extent of the infestation is assessed accurately in order to determine the most appropriate remedial measures.

Our approach is based around providing a call-out pest control service where we’ll assess the nature of the pest, and how advanced the problem has become, before recommending the best professional treatment on a case-by-case basis. You can learn more about us and how we work here, or contact us to discuss your problem and book a call-out.

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