Few things in your home can be quite as annoying as encountering a new pest infestation. Whether it’s a few cockroaches scurrying around near your sink or what you think maybe ants or termites moving in, it’s a problem that needs immediate attention. 

With that said, are you a homeowner looking for the best option to having your pest problem dealt with? One of the questions on the top of your list most likely has to do with the cost of pest control in the UK. If that’s the case, this article is for you!

How are Pest Control Charges Determined?

Generally, pest control charges are affected by two key aspects:

  1. What type of pest problem do you have?
  2. The type and extent of the pest control you need to be done

This essentially means that you can expect a considerable difference between dealing with a single rat as opposed to a severe termite infestation. However, many UK homeowners can expect to pay an average cost ranging between £200 to £260 per day which usually includes the tools and materials required. Generally, pest control costs are calculated per treatment required rather than being based on a fixed hourly rate. 

If your pest problem requires several treatments or more intensive treatment, the cost overall cost will be considerably higher. Depending on the type of problem, your home may require pest-proofing. This will be an additional cost to your initial quote.

Factors That May Determine the Cost of Pest Control

Since pest control across the UK is so varied, it’s important to know that factors affect the eventual cost. Some of the more significant costs determining factors include the following:

    • Home location: There are no one-size-fits all approaches to pest control costs. Costs vary according to regions and individual pest control costing factors. 
  • Size of the property: A Larger property will always cost more than small apartments or yards. This is especially if the pest problem is all over your yard.
  • Type of pests: Certain pests are more difficult to exterminate than others. This can be because of where they build their nests and how easy that area will be to reach. 
  • Magnitude of the problem: It’s easier to get rid of a small pest problem whereas a full-blown infestation can be quite labour-intensive. Some treatments involve just an insecticide while others require nest removal. 
  • Type of treatment: Different pest problems require varying treatments. Some of these treatments are cheap and easy to apply while others are more complex and require preparation and specialised toxins. Extreme cases may also require fumigation across your whole property.
  • Number of treatments required: Some pest treatments require more than one application. This sometimes involves setting up bait stations and then checking to see if they’ve worked and possibly even to removing the dead pests and stations afterwards. 
  • Pest proofing requirements: Certain pest problems require pest proofing to prevent re-infestation. This is especially the case with termites and rats. This function may be an additional cost. Be sure to check this before accepting a quote. Check with your pest control agent how effective pest proofing is for the type of pest you have.

Estimated Pest Control Costs

Despite pest control costs varying quite extensively across the UK, there are a few industry averages that you can use as a possible estimate. We’ve drawn them up into a comparative table. 

Always Get More Than One Quote

When you’re dealing with a pest problem, we have two pieces of advice for you. The first is that you should deal with the problem immediately. The more severe the problem becomes, the more costly it will be to deal with it. 

Secondly, always get at least three quotes from certified pest controllers. This will ensure that you get the best deal possible that not only solves your pest control problem but is also budget-friendly. 


Household pests can become quite a nightmare to get rid of if they aren’t dealt with properly and timeously. The golden rule with pests is that there’s never just one. 

So, as soon as you see one lone cockroach scurrying over the sink in the evening, you can be assured there’s more where he came from. Don’t let the problem get out of hand, compare pest control prices and find the best agent to keep your home pest-free!