Some pests can breed rapidly and if you don’t catch infestation in its early stages you could incur thousands of pounds in damages. That’s why it’s important to get routine pest control services to prevent bugs and rodents from spreading and destroying your property. 

But the question is, how often do you need pest control? In this post, we’ve provided valuable information on how often you should fumigate your house or offices. There are also several factors to consider when opting for routine services. Keep reading to find out more!

How Long Does Pest Control Last? 

Pesticides are used in the home to kill pests such as:

  • Spiders
  • Fish moths
  • Fleas 
  • Silverfish 
  • Moths 
  • Flies 
  • Pill bugs 
  • Cockroaches 

When your home is fumigated, the effects of the pesticide will last 3 to 4 months so that it continues to kill new pests that come into the home or office. But as the effects of the pesticide wears off, new bugs can infest the home and breed, creating a new infestation. Routine pest control can prevent new infestations from happening. 

The Ideal Frequency of Pest Control for Your Property

The effects of the pesticides used during fumigation can start to wear off after 3 months. We recommend having your property fumigated quarterly (4 times a year in 3 month intervals). 

However, this will depend on the type of bugs you’re dealing with. Your pest control technician will advise on how often to get your property fumigated after inspection.  

Routine Pest Control Is Dependent on 4 Factors 

Although routine pest control is recommended every 3 months this will depend on 4 major factors. In some cases you’ll need pest control every 2 months. Here are 4 factors that may increase or decrease the frequency of pest control services for your property.  

The Size and Location of Your Home/Office 

Inspecting your property for bugs can be difficult if you live in a large house or work in a 10 story building. Infestations can easily go under the radar on large properties. So, you may need pest control more frequently especially if you have area such as HV/AC systems where bugs love to breed. 

What’s more, you may need frequent pest control if you live or work in an area where it rains often or if you’re near:

  • Dump sites
  • Forests 
  • A body of water 
  • Factories 
  • Tall grass or fields 

Any area where there’s a good food and water source is where you’ll find the most pests. You may have rats or mice coming in from a nearby field or roaches from a factory. You’ll then need quarterly fumigations for the problem. 

Types of Bugs

The frequency of pest control will also depend on the type of bugs you’re dealing with. Bugs such as ants and cockroaches breed rapidly. Carpenter ants can lay up to 20 eggs at a time. For cockroaches, depending on the species, a single case can contain up to 50 eggs. 

Therefore, if you have ants or cockroaches you may need to fumigate a few times before the problem goes away completely. You may need fumigation done once a month for 3 months to completely eradicate your home of ants and cockroaches. 

Not all insects will require the same treatment. For example, pest control companies use specific treatments for bedbugs. The fumigation will last provided the source of the bedbugs has been found. 

The Severity of the Infestation

If you weren’t aware that you had a pest infestation, the problem can become so severe that you’ll need frequent visits from your pest control company. Bugs or rodents that have gotten out of control can take some time to get rid of. However, with frequent pest control services you’ll have the problem taken care of so that the pests don’t come back.  

The Last Time You Had Fumigation Done 

If you had fumigation done over 3 months ago, chances are you’re due for another visit. If you’re confident that you have no pests in your home or business after the last service then you don’t have to call up your local pest control company. 

However, if you have a history of severe infestations then we suggest having regular pest control services take care of the problem once every 3 months. 

Benefits of Routine Pest Control

Pest Identification 

Not everyone is an expert on pests. When you choose routine pest control services, your technician will be able to identify the pest you’re dealing with. The pest control technician will then know what pesticides to use to get rid of the type of infestation you have. 

Less Damage to Property 

If you leave pests to continue breading they will begin to destroy the integrity of your building. Termites or ants may eat through wooden structures and rats can destroy wiring. But if you catch the problem early, you’ll have less property damage to deal with. You may save thousands of pounds on repair damage.