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At Combat Pest Solutions we have over a decade of experience in delivering effective pest control services. Mice are among the pests we most commonly deal with – and we have all the expertise needed to tackle either residential or commercial infestations!

How to Tell if You Have Mice

Mice are a small and secretive type of rodent pest, and it can sometimes be difficult to know whether you have mice in your property until their numbers swell to form a significant infestation. This is particularly so if the mice are present in inaccessible areas such as a loft or wall cavity. That said, there are a number of tell-tale signs that can point to mice being in your home or premises…

Mice can be surprisingly noisy given their small size, and will often make an audible scurrying noise as they forage for food. This may be heard even through ceilings or walls and is frequently the very first sign of a problem. At this stage, many people are content to take a ‘live and let live’ approach – but this can be a serious mistake, since mice have a gestation period of well under a month, and their numbers can quickly explode. They also have a penchant for gnawing through anything and everything, and many buildings have been plunged into darkness as a result of a mouse chewing through electrical cabling!

Before long, mice tend to penetrate into the areas of buildings that we use day to day. It’s at this point that they become more noticeable – leaving behind small, dark-brown droppings, resembling dark-coloured grains of rice. It’s possible that the mice themselves may be seen at this stage. The house mouse is the commonest species to invade our buildings – it rarely grows to more than about 4cms/1.5 inches in length, though its tale can be rather longer.


Its size means that it’s easily distinguishable from the rat, which is much larger. (Naturally, we can treat rat problems as well and have a range of rodent control services available.)

Having entered living or working areas of our buildings mice become dangerous to our health, owing to their habit of spreading diseases including salmonella – a leading cause of food poisoning, and leptospirosis – an unpleasant bacterial infection that can easily be transmitted to humans.

Our Local Pest Control Call-Out Service

If you have, or suspect you have, mice in your home or business premises, we’d strongly urge you to act quickly…

We have a range of effective mouse control measures, ranging from traps to rodenticide, and we can advise you on the most humane mouse control solution to tackle your issue with minimal suffering to the mice. Rest assured, all of our measures are designed for maximum effectiveness and safety, and we’ll be sure to secure all bait stations to prevent accidents involving household pets.

We can also perform basic rodent proofing works – designed to block likely access points to your property, or use technology to assess areas such as drains which may require more comprehensive professional repairs. Our whole service is based around providing you with the most comprehensive mouse control solution available.

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