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Moles… Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that these living excavators can wreak havoc on a manicured lawn, sports field, or fairway! Fortunately, we have a range of professional pest control measures for moles – all aimed at tackling the problem in the quickest, safest, and most humane way possible.

How to Tell if You Have Moles

It’s exceptionally rare to actually see a mole. Even in cases where these creatures have devastated lawns immediately outside of an occupied house, the residents will typically never once have spotted the culprit!

Molehills are the most obvious (and distressing) sign of their presence. Many mole hills are created during the colder months, since this is the time when the moles dig deeper networks of tunnels to escape exposure to the cold conditions near to the surface.

Mole hills appear as small mounds, often around 20-30cms (8-12 inches) in diameter. Sometimes, a number of mole hills may appear within a very short space of time – in fact, it’s not unheard of for a whole series of molehills to appear overnight, destroying an immaculate lawn at one stroke!

Another common and equally annoying sign is the presence of long, narrow hollows or raised areas – these typically appear immediately above a much shallower tunnel, and are a sign that the mole has been hunting for earthworms and other favoured foods near to the surface.


Professional Mole Control Services

If you suspect the presence of moles it’s a good idea to act quickly. Like most small mammals, moles can multiply quickly if left unchecked, and a small issue with a single mole hill can escalate to a point where an entire lawn needs to be re-turfed, or even levelled!

While some pests can be tackled by home or business owners themselves, professional mole control services are a must. This is because of the secretive nature of these pests, and the complex network of underground tunnels they create – which can make complete eradication challenging. Professional mole control solutions include trapping or gassing, and in some cases it may also be necessary to destroy the network of tunnels in order to avoid another mole taking up residence!

Whatever form of treatment is followed, it should be performed by a licensed professional, in order to ensure the procedure is conducted in a way that is safe for children, pets, and wildlife, and, to the greatest possible extent, humane.

At Combat Pest Solutions we have over a decade of experience in professional pest control, and have successfully tackled countless cases where moles have decimated areas such as lawns, cemeteries, football pitches, golf courses, and parks. You can trust us to resolve your problem in a comprehensive, ethical, and effective manner.

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