If you’ve grabbed your phone and you’re Googling “Pest control near me” then we’re guessing you’ve found something nasty that needs taking care of. Whether squirrels have taken up residence in your roof or an alarmingly large swarm of wasps are making themselves at home in your shed, you need help – now.

However, we’d like you to pause for a moment to make sure that you’re hiring the best pest control company in your area.

Why does it matter? Don’t all pest control services do pretty much the same thing?

Let’s find out.

Do you have the required licenses and training?

A licensed pest control company is far more than a man with overalls and a can of Doom.

While one doesn’t need a specific license to work as a pest controller, there are licenses required when dealing with certain animals, especially protected species.

Pest control technicians have certain obligations to work safely, efficiency and humanely. These requirements are covered in their training under RSPH Level 2. “This Level 2 qualification is designed to provide an understanding of public health pests and their management. It fulfils the legal requirement relating to the training of pest control technicians as set out in the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986.”

Do you carry public liability?

Public liability insurance in pest control is a must. Where there exists a risk of damage to property or people – as in many businesses – there is a need for insurance. For example:

  • The use of pesticides poses an eye or respiratory risk.
  • Climbing on or into a roof can result in building damage.
  • Chemicals can result in damage to property, people or pets.
  • People may be hurt by onsite equipment or tools.


If your selection of pest control company does not have liability cover then we strongly advise you not to make use of them.

Do you operate humanely?

Ask the potential pest controller how they deal with pests and what their processes are.

If possible, do they capture them to release into another area? If they need to be exterminated, how is this performed?

Yes, we want the pests removed, but we are also aware that there is no need for them to suffer or be dealt with in an inhumane manner.

As far as possible, a good pest control company will operate in the safest and most humane way.

How do you deal with wildlife?

The UK government has legislation in place to assist with dealing with wildlife responsibly, and licenses are issued to this effect.

Any activities that would disturb or harm wildlife requires a license before work commences, and pest control companies will have specific license depending on the work they are doing.

However, there is more to protecting wildlife than simply not disturbing it. A good pest control company will be dedicated to minimising potential risks to wildlife and the environment. For example, Combat Pest Solutions are ardent supporters of Think Wildlife, specifically the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU).

“… government agencies responsible for the regulation of rodenticides have raised concern that many species of wildlife, such as barn owls, kestrels and red kites, are being accidentally exposed to these products. These agencies have called for better stewardship of rodenticides to prevent wildlife exposure.

“The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) is a response to that call. Under the banner “Think Wildlife” CRRU promotes best practice and responsible rodent control, thereby protecting wildlife from rodenticide exposure.

“The CRRU Code promotes responsible use of rodenticides and Best Practice outlines how rodenticides are to be used to minimise exposure to wildlife.”

Do you belong to professional organisations?

Being a registered member of a professional organisation in your industry highlights your dedication and competence in your field.

As an example, here in the UK, we have PROMPT which caters for the pest control industry.

“The BASIS PROMPT Pest Controllers register is an industry initiative which provides independent proof that a pest controller has received proper professional training and has continued to update their expertise through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

“As registration has to be renewed each year, members of the register will always be aware of the most up-to-date techniques, products and legal obligations.”

Pest Control Near Me?

If you live in Berkshire, Oxfordshire or parts of northern Hampshire and you are looking for an experienced, humane, and reliable pest control company, then you’re in the right place.

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