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Reading rats control services

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Pest Control In Reading

If you’re a resident of Reading, Berkshire you’ll know it’s a popular place to be! Major commercial companies such as Microsoft, Hibu and Oracle are only a few of the businesses that have offices there.

Additionally, some 30,000 commuters pass through the busy parts of Reading daily. This means there are a lot of feet moving about in the streets and buildings of Reading. An increase of human feet also leads to a potential increase of the little scurrying feet that aren’t so welcome in our homes and offices!

Pests can come from all sorts of places. That’s why you need the assistance of pest control services. Keep reading to find out more.

Visitors Bring Food

Reading, like other towns, enjoys the influx of commuters, visitors and guests to their various public services, retail centres and parks. But the increase in human activity brings with it an increase in garbage and wasted food.

Everything from cockroaches to rats consider potentially discarded foods as an excellent source of food and before you know it, they’ve moved in. The golden rule with most insects is, where there’s one, there’s sure to be more. Not dealing with the problem immediately could potentially result in a much bigger problem!

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READING Pest Control Solutions

Fortunately, the solution is easier than you think! Making use of the services of leading Pest Control Reading agencies is the perfect way to ensure that your residential and commercial space is protected.

Reading, like other Berkshire towns, strives to keep their area free of pest infestations. Nothing says guests and visitors rushing out quite like rats or cockroaches scurrying around in the office kitchen or your favourite guest house!

Common Pests Found in Reading

Several different kinds of pests could invade your home or office. They could be anything from ants to structure damaging termites. Some of the more common critters pest control companies have to deal with include the following:


  • Rat & mice control
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies & moths
  • Wasp and Bee removal
  • Woodworm and termite timber treatments
  • Bed bugs

Tips From Pest Control Experts to Avoid Pest Infestations IN READING

Whether you’re working in a commercial building or just trying to keep your home pest-free, there are a few expert tips you can follow. Read on to find out what the Reading experts suggest.


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Commercial Buildings

Pests can just as easily move into office buildings as they can into residential homes. And, it goes without saying that one of the fastest ways for customers to leave your business is for them to spot an insect!

The best way to avoid pests in the office include the following:

Clean out office garbage cans: When your office colleagues throw their half-eaten lunch into the office dustbin, it doesn’t magically disappear. In fact, it becomes dinner for the bugs scurrying around. Empty the trash regularly and place it where it won’t attract bugs.

Sanitise kitchen areas: Many pests are attracted to fragrant smells, especially sugary ones. Often staff using the office kitchen don’t clean or wipe down surfaces. This includes the coffee machine and coke dispenser. Sanitise all kitchen surfaces before leaving the office.

Keep areas dry: Areas exposed to water leaks could result in mould and bacteria which in turn becomes a breeding ground for numerous kinds of pests.

Deal with the dumpster: Dumpsters are a haven for every type of insect on the street. Arrange for the dumpsters to be cleaned regularly. The dumpster is an invitation for cockroaches and rats to not only live in the dumpster but move into the office.

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Festivals & Outdoor Markets

Reading is well known for its outdoor festivals such as the Reading Festival and the Glastonbury Festival. Additionally, the Reading Beer Festival is known as one of the U.K.’s most popular festivals.

Since ants and cockroaches can easily make their way to these festivities, due diligence has to be taken to keep pests away from there too. Pest Control experts suggest that the following precautions be taken:

Wash products: Before setting up your farmers market stall, wash and dry all your produce.

Clean the area: Sanitise the area where you’ll be set up. This includes everything you’ll be using. Any utensils used can easily attract ants or worse.

Have a dustbin: Make sure you have a dustbin with a lid at your stall to dispose of any pieces of food.

Have a basin of water handy: If you’re selling food or sugary sweets, keep a basin of water handy for customers and staff to wash their hands. This will keep ants and other sugar-loving pests away.

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Residential Buildings

Pests are a common problem in residential homes. The homes in Reading aren’t any different. Wherever there’s food, pests will congregate.

Read on to find some of the easiest ways to prevent insects from moving into your home.

Keep your home clutter-free: Pests live in dark areas. Your clutter pile is the perfect hiding spot.

Clean countertops: Tables, countertops and floors should be washed regularly, preferably with a strong soapy solution. Adding a few drops of citrus essential oil will keep pests off your counters.

Repair pipes and drains: Any damaged pipes and drains with cracks provide the perfect hiding places for cockroaches. Repair any holes and cracks they could live or hide in.

Keep the garbage cans clean: Whether you have garbage cans inside or outside, they should be kept clean and sanitised. Make sure the garbage bin has a lid to keep the smell of food from reaching pests running around in your kitchen.

Store leftovers in airtight containers: Use airtight containers to store food to keep ants and cockroaches from invading your kitchen.

Keep your yard clean: Clean your yard from plant debris as plants also provide a perfect hiding place for indoor and outdoor pests.

Clear woodpiles: Termites and other wood-boring insects often start making their homes in the piles of food stored around homes. If you have a woodpile, move it away from the sides of your home.

Vacuum often: Vacuuming your home often will help to eliminate pests and their eggs. This is particularly necessary if you have pets who live inside.

Empty water containers: Any containers in and around the home are the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos. Ensure all containers and buckets are dry. Use citronella candles to deter mosquitoes.

Reading pest removal services

Following these basic steps should go a long way to keeping insects out of your home and office. There are some instances though when all the cleaning and sanitising can’t remove a pest infestation from your home or office.

When it becomes time to call in the experts, be sure to focus on a Pest Control Service that has expertise in your area. A reliable pest control agent will be able to eradicate whatever pest has moved in. They’ll also be able to give you pointers on how to keep those and other pests from returning. Don’t let the pests around your home or office become a nightmare!

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