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As a leading provider of pest control services in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and northern Hampshire, we have all the experience needed to address infestations of any form of insect pest – including Pharaoh ants.

How to Recognise a Pharaoh Ant Problem

Pharaoh ants are a highly invasive species, with a habit of entering and colonizing sites such as commercial or institutional premises – including warehouses, factories, and hospitals. On occasion, they may also invade residential premises.

Pharaoh ants can be easily distinguished from other common species like the black garden ant owing to their lighter colour and far smaller size – Pharaoh ants are sandy brown and don’t exceed 0.2cms/0.08 inches in length. They are an easy pest to notice as they are active during daylight hours and move considerable distances while seeking food. Their tendency to leave pheromone trails means that where 1 ant goes, many are likely to follow – and their routes can become well established.

Interestingly, while Pharaoh ants often occupy centrally-heated indoor environments, they often forage out-of-doors – this can result in their routes leading them out through gaps around doors and windows.

Pharaoh ants’ nests are often built within the structure of a building itself – wall cavities being a commonly favoured spot. In contrast to many ant species (including most found in the UK),


Pharaoh ant nests include several queens. A single nest may contain hundreds of thousands of ants, and the presence of many queen ants means that the nests can often fragment (or ‘bud’), with one colony splitting to form several. In this way, a small problem can quickly spiral into a major infestation.

Our Pest Control Call-Out Services

Pharaoh ants are a challenging pest to exterminate effectively. It’s actually common to see DIY treatments, or poorly applied ‘professional’ treatments, worsen an existing problem. This is because certain treatments such as spraying with powerful, residual-action insecticides, will often only eradicate a portion of a colony, and the remaining ants may branch out and create a new nest.

At Combat Pest Solutions, our approach is based around providing a detailed site survey from a licensed pest control technician, during which we’ll aim to positively identify the nature of the pest, and the full-extent of the infestation. Then we’ll discuss the best course of action based on your individual circumstances, before commencing the necessary work. Rest assured, we are experienced in dealing professionally, effectively, and discreetly with Pharaoh ant problems in domestic, commercial, and public-sector environme

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