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Rabbits may look cute and fluffy, but the damage they can inflict to trees, ornamental plants, and crops marks them out as a pest species. We offer pest control call-outs in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and parts of Hampshire, and regularly deal with rabbits which exist in high numbers locally – especially in rural areas.

How to Recognise a Rabbit Problem

Rabbits typically avoid close contact with humans, but, being a relatively large pest species, they are often easy to spot. Rabbits can be distinguished from hares because their bodies are plumper and rounder, while hares appear leaner and more angular. Hares are often considerably larger than rabbits and have longer ears.

Rabbits live communally in colonies (sometimes known as nests), and dig extensive burrows (known as warrens) beneath the ground. The holes to these warrens are typically slightly smaller than a football, and there may be several holes at the surface, serving as entry and exit points to a complex network of underground passages. Rabbit droppings are small, round, and light brown in colour.

Rabbit Pest Control

It’s also possible to identify the presence of rabbits by the damage they cause. Rabbits will eat plants – either herbaceous species used decoratively in gardens, or crop species used in kitchen gardens, allotments, smallholdings, or farms. Given the chance, rabbits will enter greenhouses and can cause substantial damage if pest control measures are not put in place.

Rabbits also have a fondness for bark, and will strip this from the base of trees. This damage can admit disease-causing microbes, or lead to rot and decay.


If the rabbits strip the bark from the full circumference of the trunk, the tree can lose its ability to transport nutrients and will often die. Because of this, rabbits can have a devastating impact on sites such as forestry plantations, arboretums, and tree nurseries.

Rabbits are not a native species, but were introduced by the Romans. Their impact on the ecosystem is debatable – while they provide a prey species for native foxes, their impact on native trees is very negative.

Your Local Rabbit Control Call-Out Service

Professional rabbit control measures include trapping, shooting, and gassing, as well as humane rabbit control options such as erecting rabbit-proof fencing – to protect vulnerable areas without actually killing the rabbits.

At Combat Pest Solutions we can perform a comprehensive site survey to assess the severity of the problem, and recommend the most suitable approach given the circumstances at hand. Rest assured, any work we undertake will be performed safely and in full accordance with health and safety legislation, and environmental protection laws. For more information on the standards we work to why not read our about us page?

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