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At Combat Pest Solutions, our pest control service is designed to allow local home and businesses owners to keep their properties free of pests such as rats. Our rat control measures are safe and effective, and we offer humane solutions if required.

We also go far beyond the services offered by many pest control companies, by performing drain surveys and carrying out small rodent proofing works, designed to prevent a recurrence of the issue. Why not take the time to learn more about our business and our approach to the work we do?

How Do I Know if I Have Rats?

The surest way to know if you have rats in your home or business premises is to identify the pest itself. Rats are markedly larger than mice – in fact, there have been a few well publicised cases in recent years of rats growing to around half a metre (20 inches) in size! Rats also have much shorter tails than mice: a rat’s tail is typically marginally shorter than its body, while mice tend to have tails which are longer than their bodies.

In many cases, rats are not seen themselves, but the need for a professional rat control service can be established by spotting visual clues such as droppings (which are dark, tubular, and around 1cm/0.4 inches long), the presence of a nest, or the tell-tale damage rats leave behind (typically by gnawing materials such as paper, card, packaging, wood, and even cabling!)


Our Local Pest Control Call-Out Service for Rats

If you have rats in areas such as your loft, garage, or shed, be aware that they are likely to multiply rapidly, and a pair of rats can fast become dozens or even hundreds in cases where the issue is left unchecked.

Moving quickly to tackle the problem reduces the risk of these pests spreading diseases such as salmonella (one of the main causes of food poisoning), rat bite fever, and leptospirosis. The best measure you can take to protect your home, or the reputation and integrity of your business, is to engage the services of a professional pest control company experienced in rodent control…

Our trained and insured RSPH Level 2 technicians can come out to you and provide a thorough assessment of your problem. Using rodenticide, conventional traps, or humane pest control solutions, we can deal with the existing issue in a way that’s safe and appropriate for your home or work environment, and we can perform or advise on rodent proofing works to avoid a future invasion!

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