Residential Pest Control Services

Have pests decided to turn your home into their home? Never fear – our residential pest control services help homeowners in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and areas of northern Hampshire to take back control!

How We Work

We offer a fast response call-out service designed to address your issue ASAP. Our friendly technicians are highly-trained professionals – each qualified to RSPH Level 2 standard. Naturally, we are accustomed to working with homeowners in distress, and we will treat you, and your property, with the utmost respect at all times.

Our service is designed to be thorough and effective, but minimally intrusive, and wherever possible we will solve your pest problem without damaging the structure or fabric of your home. Learn more about our business and how we work.

We are highly experienced in dealing with all common varieties of household pests, including:

Rodents and Small Mammals

Rats, mice, squirrels, moles, and other rodents or small mammals are the most common pests we deal with. Learn more about rodent control.

Flying Insects

From flying insects such as wasps, bees, moths, and flies, through to creepy-crawlies like cockroaches, ants, fleas, woodworm, and many more, our experts have the knowledge and experience to tackle any insect or flying insect infestation.


Bird control is a sensitive area of pest control owing to the laws that apply to avian species and their nests, but we have a range of humane techniques available to solve your problem. Learn more about the problems birds can cause, or our bird control services.

Humane Pest Control Services

While no one wants to live with pests in their home, we fully understand that many people are uncomfortable with the idea of simply killing these creatures. This is particularly true where small mammals or birds are concerned.

Rest assured, our technicians are fully sensitive to such concerns. We can offer you humane pest control options such as capture and release trapping, while the measures we use to deal with birds are based around blocking access to perching sites, rather than killing the birds.

Preventative Pest Control

We are experts in helping homeowners to take back control of their properties – not just in the here and now, but for the long-term. While some pest problems are simply unavoidable, taking basic steps to seal access points and to prevent pests from reaching food sources can lead to a significant reduction in the risks of a future infestation.

Our approach is to start by tackling the existing problem – i.e. eradicating the pests that have already entered the home, then advising on simple and practical preventative pest control measures that you can take to avoid a recurrence.

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