Waste disposal can be one of the biggest headaches for a business.  Any company operating from an office, a factory, or any facility which falls under the commercial property banner will produce what is known as commercial waste. Included in this is any waste which results from demolition, industry, or farming/ agriculture. 

Understandably there are stringent laws surrounding the removal, transport, and disposal of such waste. Commercial entities are obliged, therefore, to ensure that their waste is managed properly by a licensed and responsible business. 

However, homeowners may also find that they need licensed waste carriers when cleaning up their property or when doing home renovations. 

Let’s take a closer look at the how and why behind responsible waste disposal.

Benefits of using a responsible waste disposal company

There is both a legal and moral imperative to dispose of waste properly. We don’t want to face a fine, sure, but we also want to do the best we can for our environment. 

Therefore, entrusting this role to those who know best is a wise choice for a number of reasons.

Pest prevention

Waste in all its forms makes an inviting home for pests. If it’s not dealt with timeously, we could be setting ourselves up for an infestation of rodents or other common pests. Getting your space cleared quickly and regularly is the best way to prevent pests from moving in. 

On this topic, health and safety issues are avoided when commercial waste is dealt with properly and legal requirements are adhered to. 


When clearing waste, we often have to deal with cleaning and disinfecting the space to ensure that it’s free from faeces and other contaminants left by animals. 

For example, breathing in the disturbed air stirred up when clearing an unsanitary space can cause serious lung infections and should be handled by a professional.

Hazardous waste

Did you know that some seemingly innocuous products constitute hazardous waste? For example, batteries, printer toner, oils and solvents require special disposal. Another matter best left to the pros.

Avoiding landfills

Clearing a vacated home, office or other premises may pose a real problem if we’re dealing with abandoned possessions, furniture, food items, appliances or other items which we aren’t totally sure what to do with. 

While we are all encouraged to recycle, upcycle, and reuse where we can, sometimes we don’t have the time or means to do so. Therefore, making use of a licensed waste carrier means that leftovers like these are processed in a legal and environmentally sound manner. 

Dumping waste at a landfill should be the last resort. The impact of landfills on wildlife, our freshwater sources and oceans, and the health of our soil is well-documented, and if we can avoid it, we certainly should.

Minimizing waste

While calling in a waste disposal company is the right thing to do, why not go one better and work to reduce waste as much as you can?

In your home or business, let’s try to implement a few easy ideas such as:

  • Reduce the need to print by making use of digital communication. 
  • Ensure you have clearly marked recycle bins in all common areas.
  • Food-related businesses can set up food banks to avoid throwing out food waste.
  • Avoid single-use vessels for food and drink for guests and staff.
  • Use kitchen waste for composting.
  • Make use of reusable bags for shopping.
  • Donate unused items to charities. 
  • Buy products in bulk to reduce packaging.

These small actions will benefit you in your home and your business from a health, environmental, and financial perspective. 

Choosing a waste disposal company

Do you need to call in a waste disposal company for a once-off clean up or the regular removal of your commercial waste?

Responsible businesses (and those that don’t want to risk a hefty fine) should ensure that they:

  • Always ask to see the Waste Carrier License of the company that they are using
  • Always request a receipt for the work carried out
  • Ensure that any outside contractor that you employ is using a licensed waste carrier or has a license themselves. 

Our team are licensed waste carriers, and we pride ourselves on being a reputable and reliable business. Please feel free to contact us for the removal and responsible disposal of waste for your home or business. 

Please note: We cannot remove asbestos and builders’ waste