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Not so long ago, seagulls were thought of as an attractive feature of the British coast. Nowadays, these large, vocal, and frequently aggressive predatory birds are often found much farther from the shore. Today, seagull control in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and Hampshire is a much needed service – and one which we have all the necessary experience to provide.

What Damage Do Seagulls Cause?

Seagulls can be a serious problem if they routinely roost on a roof or ledge in significant numbers. The problem becomes even more severe if the birds actually begin to nest on the building.

Bird guano (faeces) carries a range of disease-causing germs – many transferable to humans. If allowed to collect, the guano quickly becomes an eye-sore and can negatively affect the appearance and reputation of a business or public institution such as a hospital, school, or university. Not only that, but guano is corrosive and can cause long-term harm to the structure of affected buildings.

Seagulls themselves have become increasingly desensitised to human contact and, far from being scared by the presence of people, they are often attracted by the prospect of receiving food. These birds are large, strong, and have a powerful beak – as such, they can present a physical threat to the public. This is especially true when the gulls are nesting – at which time seagulls often become fiercely protective of ‘their’ space – and may swoop aggressively, or even physically attack people who come too close.

In addition to the threat they pose to people and buildings, seagulls are predatory and will happily take young birds of other native species from their nests. There are even documented cases of gulls killing relatively large, mature birds such as pigeons.


Professional Seagull Control Services

Given their burgeoning numbers and aggressive natures, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to live alongside seagulls. Fortunately, a range of professional seagull control measures exist.

In many cases, the best approach is simply to reduce the local population of the gulls. This may be achieved by luring the gulls into traps, in order that they can be humanely killed, or shooting the gulls as part of a systematic cull.

Many people prefer humane seagull control options. Humane control can be achieved by the use of deterrents and seagull proofing – options include a range of wires, spikes, netting, and similar measures. You can learn all about how these techniques work on our bird control page.

The decision between reducing the birds’ numbers, and using bird proofing measures needs to be made on a case-by-case basis, and naturally we believe in deploying a professional gull control plan that best suits your circumstances, budget, and sensibilities.

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