“Ah, leave that spider living in the corner of the bedroom,” said no one…ever! 

Especially if that spider is a huntsman spider. These freaky, fast arachnids are some of the biggest and scariest that you will come across, but should you be killing them when you find them in your home?

If you are coming across these eight-legged home invaders more often than you would like, we have some answers for you on the best ways to remove them, keep them out and deal with their bite should you be unlucky enough to experience one! 

Continue reading to put your mind at ease.

The Lowdown on Huntsman Spiders

Huntsman spiders are some of the most common – and most terrifying – spiders around. It is primarily due to their appearance, size, and speed, along with their unique ability to jump. Also known as crab spiders, this comes from the way their legs are positioned, giving them some extra special skills when it comes to moving around. 

Huntsman spiders also range in size from an inch to about a foot, which makes them all that much less welcome in your home! While most species are solitary, the social huntsman can gather in groups of up to 150 spiders. 

Simple solution if you come across this in your house or garden? Move. Preferably to another country where they don’t have spiders!

The fact is though, that they are far more harmless than they look and killing them is not always the right course of action. While you may not want them in your home (and who could blame you for that!), letting them live peacefully in your garden will benefit you as they hunt a wide range of other creepy crawlies that you don’t want around either, such as cockroaches. 

Do They Bite?

Huntsman spiders are rarely aggressive towards humans unless you are threatening a female guarding her eggs. If you do encounter a mamma spider in your home, the prudent course of action is to back away slowly and call in the professionals! 

Like most critters, if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone. However, if you do get bitten by a huntsman for any reason, you will experience some discomfort. Just be aware of the badge huntsman which is particularly venomous so definitely steer clear of him if you come across one.

While their bite is lethal to other insects, their venom is not that toxic to humans, but that does not mean the bite will be comfortable. You will probably just experience some localized pain and swelling in the affected area. Sometimes headaches and nausea can occur if you are particularly sensitive to the venom. 

Treating a Huntsman Bite

You can follow these five simple steps for spider bite first aid if you are bitten by a huntsman. Just remember not to apply pressure bandages as these can increase the pain and stop the venom from moving out of the body

  1. Sit down and try to keep calm
  2. Clean the bitten area with water and some disinfectant
  3. Apply an ice pack to the bite
  4. If you are able, collect the spider to take with you for identification
  5. Seek medical treatment 

How to Remove Them

Huntsman spiders are nomadic, so they are a bit tricky to track down for pest control. If you have seen them hanging around your home, there are a few things that you can make your house less attractive as spider hunting grounds. In addition, you can move them safely on if you do find them.

  • Make sure you regularly clean and vacuum your home, especially in areas where you have seen lurking spiders
  • Deep clean the house regularly
  • Remove any webs you find with the vacuum or a web duster
  • Keep the house free of clutter such as old magazines or newspapers that may appeal to them to nest in
  • Seal all cracks and vents
  • Keep the area around the house free of vegetation and garden beds
  • Ensure you have well-fitting insect screens on doors and windows if you want extra deterrents
  • Do not squish any spiders you find – this can spread the venom or egg sacs and make the problem worse
  • Gently sweep up any spiders you find and relocate them outside
  • Use a pest control company if you feel that the numbers are increasing and you’re starting to feel decidedly uncomfortable

The Bottom Line

While none of us is particularly fond of this giant creepy-crawly, and the first thought is to kill them when you come across them, (or leave the country, whichever is easiest!) we can learn to co-exist with them if they remain outside. 

Huntsman spiders are far scarier than they are dangerous and can help keep your garden free of other unwelcome guests.

If you are looking to remove some spiders, or any other pest control solutions call us today and we will gladly assist you.