Solar Panel Bird Proofing Services

The popularity of solar panels has increased greatly in recent years – but home or business owners who install panels can unwittingly create an attractive roosting environment for pest species of birds such as pigeons. Luckily, our professional solar panel bird proofing service helps our local clients to take back control!

Can Birds Damage Solar Panels?

When solar panels are installed they typically sit just above the surface of the roof. This leaves a sheltered and inviting gap which is perfect for birds to roost in. Naturally, the birds will also tend to land on the panels, and to fly above them. Because of this, the panels can become coated in guano (faeces).

Bird guano is highly corrosive and can indeed damage solar panels, as well as many other surfaces. The exterior of the panels and their fixings may be weakened by prolonged exposure, and should the guano penetrate to the inside of the solar panel, it can easily harm the delicate components within. Even if guano doesn’t cause permanent damage to the solar panels, its presence on their surface is enough to seriously reduce the amount of power that they can produce.

Common signs of a problem include birds regularly flying around your roof, before settling on or near to the panels. You may actually see the birds creeping into or out of the gap between the solar panels and the roof, or notice large amounts of guano collecting in the area.

It’s worth proofing your solar panels even if birds haven’t yet made them their roost. As with most problems, prevention is better than cure, and could avoid costly damage further down the line.


What Does Solar Panel Bird Proofing Involve?


The exact method of proofing depends on the individual circumstances, but typically involves the removal of any roosting birds, and the use of weather-resistant, long-lasting mesh or netting to permanently exclude the birds from returning in the future.


Since most panels are installed at height, it’s essential to ensure that you are working with an experienced and correctly insured professional. At Combat Pest Solutions, as well as meeting these basic criteria, we also hold the appropriate IPAF licenses, allowing us to work at height using powered access machines (where required).


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