A Pest Management program is essential to reducing the risk of unwanted pests at your Home or Business. Not only will it save you money, it’s the foundations of keeping your environment pest free. At Combat Pest Solutions, a green and organic pest management program begins with a thorough understanding of the individual environment. Before any Rodenticide is used, we explore all reasonable, sustainable, non-chemical measures to reduce the risk of future infestations.

Even the cleanest homes and Business premises can be host to unwanted visitors. A rodent infestation is very stressful for all concerned, leading to the spread of disease, damage to business reputation and in some cases…Risk of Prosecution.


We are experts in helping homeowners to take back control of their properties – not just in the here and now, but for the long-term. While some pest problems are simply unavoidable, taking basic steps to seal access points and to prevent pests from reaching food sources can lead to a significant reduction in the risks of a future infestation.

Our approach is to start by tackling the existing problem – i.e. eradicating the pests that have already entered the home, then advising on simple and practical preventative pest control measures that you can take to avoid a recurrence.


While a pest problem in a home is upsetting, the consequences for a business can be significantly more serious. In addition to the potential distress that can be caused to staff, there’s the professional reputation of the company to consider. On top of these considerations, businesses also have to comply with strict health and safety legislation – governing both safety at work, and food safety standards.

Under these circumstances, the only reliable solution is engaging the services of a professional pest control company. Not only does this result in a fast, effective, and discreet solution to the issue at hand, it also provides a perfect way for a business to achieve legal compliance and demonstrate due diligence.

How We can Help

We can address either an early stages pest invasion, or an established infestation. We use a range of measures such as trapping, humane capture and release, poisoning, or pest deterrent measures. Naturally, the method we use will vary depending on the situation we’re faced with, and your own preferences.

We are experienced in handling problems involving rodents and small mammals, insects (both flying insects and non-flying insects), and birds. We help businesses of all kinds, including, but not limited to, restaurants, cafés, hotels, pubs, shops, offices, storage companies, and farms. We also help public sector organisations such as schools, medical centres, hospitals, and residential care facilities.