Have you got a wasp infestation and you’re not sure where the nest is? Or have you found a wasp nest on your property and not sure how to get rid of it? You are not the only one. If you’ve searched for “wasp pest control near me” to find companies such as Combat Pest Solutions to help you solve the problem you have come to the right place. 

But how do you detect a pest infestation and where are the most common places that you can find pests around the home? That’s what you can find out in today’s article. Continue reading to find out how you can rid your home of wasp nests safely and how to prevent them from coming back. 

How to Detect a Wasp Infestation 

Are there simply one or two wasps that are flying around your property or do you have a serious infestation? How will you be able to tell? In this section we’ll give you the top tell tale signs that you might have a wasp infestation.

High Volume of Wasps 

If you see one or two wasps flying around your property it may be that these flying critters are simply passing by. However, if you see a high volume of wasps flying around chances are you have an infestation. You may have to inspect your property to find the nest. 

If you can’t find the nests the best way to detect them is to call in pest control services. At Combat Pest Solutions we’ll inspect your property for any potential wasp infestations so you don’t have to. 

Chewed Wood 

Chewed wood is another sign that you may have a wasp infestation. There are certain species of wasps that build their nests by chewing wood. If you notice holes in wooden structures around your property, you may be dealing with a wasp problem. 

On the other hand, chewed wood could also be a sign of termite and ant infestations. You won’t be able to know for sure so it’s important to opt for pest control services to see what type of infestation you’re dealing with. 

Visible Nests 

Wasps become severe when there are visible nests around your home. Depending on the type of wasps they are, they may build their nests out of mud or chewed wood. Never try to remove a wasp nest by yourself because you may disturb them and they can become volatile. You don’t want to get stung trying to remove the nests from your home. 

Call Combat Pest Solutions to remove the wasp nests from your home safely. Professionals use specialised means to remove wasp nests to prevent you from getting stung. Furthermore, if you’re allergic to wasp stings then it’s crucial that you leave the wasp nest removal to the professionals. 

5 Places You May Find Wasp Nests Around the Home 

1. Wall Cavities 

The most common place to find wasp nests is in wall cavities. Wasps will always build their nests where there is shelter from the elements. So if you have suspicions that you have a wasp infestation check all the wall cavities around your property for nests. 

2. Garden Sheds 

Another common place for wasps to build their nests is inside garden sheds. This is because sheds are easy to enter and provide shelter from the rain. Warm conditions inside the shed also provide the perfect environment for breeding. 

3. Dog Kennels 

Similar to garden sheds, dog kennels are also easy to enter and provide the ideal conditions for building strong nests. Always check your dog kennels regularly for potential wasp nests to keep your dogs safe from potential wasp threats. 

4. Trees and Bushes 

If there aren’t any manmade structures around, wasps will usually build their nests in trees with plenty of coverage. However, if they don’t find a suitable spot around your house, they will find one of your trees or bushes to build their nests in. 

5. Roof Eaves 

Another common place wasps love to build their nests is under roof eaves. This gives them shelter from the elements and provides warm conditions for them to breed in. Inspect your roof eaves regularly because you may catch wasps in the early stages of their nest building. 

If you find nests anywhere around your home contact Combat Pest Solutions immediately so we can help you with the problem. We have the expertise and the tools to remove your wasp nests without causing harm to you, your loved ones or your pets. 

What Problems Do Wasps Cause? 

A small nest of wasps may not cause severe problems. However, it’s advised to call pest control services to remove even the smallest of nests to prevent them from expanding over time. Here are the problems wasps can cause if you don’t tackle the problem immediately.  

Wasps Can Become Aggressive and Start Stinging

Wasps are extremely temperamental. Sometimes they won’t attack you but they may become aggressive if they think their nests are under threat. These flying creatures are territorial and they will defend their nests by stinging you.

If you have a severe wasp infestation you could run the risk of getting attacked by swarms of wasps because they will fly in large numbers to defend their nests. That’s why you should stay clear of wasp nests until professional pest control services can remove the nests for you.

Wasps Can Cause Damage to Your Property 

Large numbers of wasps can cause considerable damage to your property. This is especially true if the wasps use wood to build their nests. When wasps chew through wood it can damage or weaken the structure of your walls or ceilings. 

What’s more, if they chew holes through your walls and ceilings they will create entrances so they can get inside your home. If wasp nests become damp the materials surrounding the nest can weaken which is a problem if there are nests inside your roof. 

Do Wasps Go Back to Old Nests? 

Wasps won’t go back to a treated nest. However, if pest control services have removed the nest they may build another one in the same spot. That’s why it may be best to leave nests attached to structures and simply allow pest control to treat them so wasps don’t come back to the same location to build other nests. 

How to Rid Your Home of Wasp Nests

The ideal way to get rid of wasp nests in and around the home is to call pest control services to assist you. Don’t try to remove the nests yourself encase the wasps become aggressive and start stinging you or the people around you. 

Wasps live in high numbers inside their nests. So while it may look like there are only five or six inside the nest there could be more than 1000 of them. If you find a nest under your roof, inside your shed or in your dog’s kennel then Combat Pest Solutions would like to help with the problem. 

Our team of professionals has the right tools and the correct training to remove wasp nests from your property without causing them to become aggressive. What’s more, we can also do a thorough inspection of your home to ensure there aren’t hidden nests on your property. 

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