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Wasps are a common problem for home and business owners owing to their aggressive natures, their painful sting, and their habit of building nests in, or close to, inhabited buildings.

At Combat Pest Solutions we have a wealth of experience in providing effective professional wasp control and wasp nest removal in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and areas of Hampshire. (Just head over to our about page to check whether we cover your corner of the world!)

How to Tell if You Have a Wasp Nest

There’s a big difference between seeing the odd wasp in or near to your property, and having a full-scale nest on your doorstep! This guide should help you assess the scope of the problem and decide whether you require a professional pest control service for wasps…

The first step is to be certain that the pests you’ve spotted are in fact wasps! Wasps are typically around 1.5cms/0.6 inches in length, with distinctive black and yellow striped markings. Bees may be similar in length and colour, but some key differences exist, making accurate identification fairly straightforward:

– Wasps are thin bodied, while bees often have a fuller-bodied shape.

– Wasps have a hard, glossy exoskeleton, and no fur. While the exoskeleton is visible on some bee species, at least part of their body is coated with fur.

The presence of a nest may be indicated by a high concentration of wasps in a small area. That said, this may simply indicate that the wasps have located an attractive food source nearby. (Obvious culprits include unsealed bins and fruit trees laden with mature fruits). With this in mind, the best way to locate a nest is to monitor the wasps – watching for patterns in their flight routes that may lead to the source of the problem.

Common nest locations include hollows within trees, sheltered areas under the eaves of roofs, and outbuildings such as sheds, summer houses, and garages. The nests themselves are highly distinctive – they have a papier-mache like appearance and are made from wood – which the wasps often strip away from fences or garden structures, pulping this in their mouths to form a thick paste. The structure will typically range in size from a golf ball (a new nest) up to the size of a football (an established nest). In certain cases, the nests may become substantially larger still.

Local Wasp Nest Removal Service

On no account should anyone lacking adequate training, experience, and personal protective equipment attempt to tackle a wasp problem. It’s important to remember that wasps live in high concentrations within their nests (sometimes numbering several thousand), and will defend the structure aggressively from any perceived threat. If you find an occupied nest in or near your home or premises, then professional wasp nest removal is the safest course of action.

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