Professional Woodworm Treatment

There are few pests that strike fear into the hearts of property owners like woodworm! If you have, or suspect you have, an infestation, then calling on the services of a professional pest control technician with experience of treating woodworm is the only reliable way to avoid costly damage to the structure of your property.

How to Tell if You Have Woodworm

In many buildings, the timbers are hidden – often under carpets or behind plasterboard. For this reason, woodworm can often go unnoticed for a period of many years. However, there are tell-tale clues to their presence, and we’d strongly urge anyone seeing these signs to act immediately.

Woodworm are not actually worms at all, but the larvae of a number of different species of wood boring beetle. It’s highly unusual to see these larvae themselves – but the mature beetles may be spotted when they finally creep out of the structure of a building in search of a mate.

Most species are small (typically just under 0.5cms/0.2 inches) and dull brown/grey in colour. Dead beetles may also be seen – and their tough exoskeleton means that a beetle carcass may remain intact for a long period after death.


If beetles are found, it may be an indication that a problem has existed for some time – since the larvae typically take at least 3 years to reach maturity. Another common sign of a long-standing infestation is a noticeable weakening of timbers. The damage to floorboards is often noticed first, and in extreme cases the wood becomes so compromised that it may literally fall apart in the hands.

Thankfully, there are earlier signs – including the presence of tiny round holes in the surface of timbers, and nearby dust – which may resemble fine sawdust.

Our Call-Out Service

For the affected home or business owner, professional woodworm treatment is the only recommended solution, and given the severity of the threat, a thorough site inspection should be conducted before commencing any work.

Rest assured, we begin by assessing the nature and scope of the problem, and we’ll offer honest advice on the best remedial steps based on the circumstances we’re presented with. Naturally, any professional woodworm treatment we perform for you will be conducted in a professional, legal, and safe manner, with all chemicals applied in accordance with HSE legislation.

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